Sweet Sisters – Homemade Caramels

This Alaska season I’ve had the opportunity to visit Sitka, Alaska. A charming little town on Baranof Island. Not very touristy, at least not like Juneau, Skagway or ketchikan, but just enough to make it interesting. As I was walking around last week I came across a tent near the shuttle drop off selling homemade caramels. I love caramels but haven’t had too may homemade ones, so why not give them a try. I bought the salted ones. Sea salt to be precise. The box was nice with different ribbons around them. I chose one that looked like the Space Invaders video game. I didn’t try one on the spot as I was going to wait until I got back to the ship. I wish now I had tasted one then.

There are individually wrapped about an inch or so long and 3/8 around. But what really draws you to them is the smell. This rich buttery smell comes out when you unwrap it. Pop one in your mouth and you immediately moan. You can taste the butter, the caramel and the sweetness. These caramels are good, so much so, they have been my favorite so far.

As I was saying I wish I had tasted them before I went back to the ship, had I known just how good they were going to be, I would have bought all 3 flavors. They come in regular, spicy and salted.

Next time you are in Sitka, Alaska, you have to pick up some Sweet Sisters Caramels. You’ll be glad you did.

All I can say is … Yum!

Sweet Sisters Caramels Sitka Alaska

Lance Schuler

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